About Us

We help organizations use technology to transform big problems into lasting solutions.

A result-driven company

Our company is primarily focused on the transition patterns and intermediate states necessary to safely and pragmatically lead any company through a structured and planned transformation event. We are committed to engaging in a way that respects where each company is today, while laying a foundation for where it needs to be in the future. Callif Technologies takes the magic out of agile transformation.

Learn and Implement Test Automation

Learn and Implement Continuous Delivery/DevOps

Improve Quality of End Product and Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Cost savings are tough to promise, but agile can help make sure you are only spending money on the features most likely to generate revenue.

Product Fit

Delivering on time is only important if you are delivering the right product. Agile can help you get the feedback you need.

Early ROI

Many organizations struggle with 18 month delivery cycles. Agile helps your team accelerate time to market and revenue.


As companies grow sometimes they slow down and lose the ability to innovate. Agile can help you get back your competitive edge.


Agile tends to focus on adaptability, but predictability is most often cited as the reason for an agile transformation.


As organizations scale, product quality often suffers. Agile focuses on quality from requirements through implementation.